the boutique northampton

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  My love for glass takes my creations from the torch to the next level in an original handmade jewelry creation. Each piece is made one at a time, with love and care. I incorporate various quality materials into my own crafted flame work beads. 

  I am completely hooked, though I have been practicing this art form for less than a year. I learned this craft at a local studio but it wasn’t long before I decided to set up a little studio at my home where I am now experimenting and continue to teach myself.

 Glass is absolutely fascinating to me ....there is always, so much more to learn, to try and to expand with! I have so many ideas, this is my beginning! 

Glass melted into a molten state transfers into my visions and expressions and is mesmerizing to watch. I feel a special connection with each piece, 

All my glass pieces are properly annealed in a temperature controlled kiln to assure the durability of the glass. Keep in mind though that these items are made of glass, so they are still some-what fragile.